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Junior Goes To School (Blue Tang), watercolor, 22"x30" - These schooling fish change colors from pale lavender to deep indigo blue as they feed on the reef. Juvenile blue tang are yellow, and I couldn't resist adding the cute little guy. Original sold.

Striped Pajamas (Smallmouth Grunts), watercolor, 22"x30" - Schools of these beautiful, colorful striped fish can be found throughout the Caribbean hanging out near the walls and ledges of coral reefs, all lined up facing into the current. Original sold.

Raccoon Butterflyfish, watercolor, 22"x30" - These fish can be found on Pacific coral reefs in large schools. They are not actually as bright red as shown here, more like a reddish-brown, but I decided to kick it up a notch! Original sold.

Clownfish Couple, watercolor, 22"x30" - These shy little fish are probably the most recognizable of all tropicals, the true clown anemonefish, or Percula, I have only seen them once in the wild, on the Great Barrier Reef. Original sold.

Hawaiian Triggerfish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaa), watercolor, 22"x30" - Very shy and moving swiftly across the reef, the state fish of Hawaii is extremely hard to photograph. I did this painting from memory and a photo in which the fish are very tiny. Original sold. Orangespine Unicornfish, watercolor, 22"x30" - These fish are seen in large schools on coral reefs throughout the Pacific ocean. I created this painting from a combination of memory and some very bad snapshots taken in Hawaii. Original sold.
Queen Angelfish, watercolor, 8"x10" - These very shy fish are usually seen in pairs swimming along the walls of Caribbean coral reefs. They are arguably the most colorful, beautiful fish in the Caribbean. Original sold. French Angelfish Pair, watercolor, 8"x10" - French Angelfish are most often seen swimming in pairs along the walls of Caribbean coral reefs. Original sold.
Nassau Grouper Portrait, watercolor, 8"x10" - Nassau groupers are often very friendly and will come right up and check you out. This is one of my personal favorites. Original sold. Queen Triggerfish Portrait, watercolor, 8"x10" - These fish are usually swimming lickety split across the reef, but this one stopped to check me out. As you can see by the inquisitive look, she was very curious. Original sold.
Stoplight Parrotfish, watercolor, 8"x10" - One of the most colorful on Caribbean Reefs, this fish is always moving, often in schools. feeding on the coral. Only at night do they stop, finding a cozy nook in the coral to sleep in. Original sold. Smooth Trunkfish Pair, watercolor, 8"x10"  - Members of the boxfish family, these fish maneuver in a unique and comical manner and are commonly seen on Caribbean coral reefs. The young resemble polka dotted peas, very tiny and round with almost invisible fins and tails. Original sold.
Hogfish Portrait, watercolor, 8"x10" - This young hogfish had on his courting colors and was making a splendid display. Original sold. Barred Hamlet Portrait, watercolor, 8"x10" - Hamlets are very colorful Caribbean reef fish with a shy nature. They can be found hiding in small crevices along the bottom of the reef. Original sold.
Banded Butterflyfish, watercolor, 8"x10" - These cute Caribbean reef fish swim in pairs feeding along the bottom nipping at the sand and sponges. Original sold. Foureye Butterflyfish Pair, watercolor, 8"x10" - I know why these are called butterflyfish. They flit over the reef just like butterflies in a garden. Original sold.
Scrawled Cowfish Portrait, watercolor, 8"x10"  - These members of the boxfish family are very colorful and comical, and have interesting "horns" making them look a little like a cow. Original sold. Juvenile Queen Angelfish Portrait, watercolor, 8"x10" - Baby angelfish are very cute and colorful, and I tried to capture that in a loose, spontaneous style of watercolor painting which is a bit of a change from my usual more precise realism. Original sold.
Scrawled Filefish, watercolor, 8"x10" - These sleek and elegant fish likes to hang out in pairs along the walls of Caribbean coral reefs. They are large and quite beautiful. Original sold. Whitespotted Filefish, watercolor, 8"x10" - Filefish get their name from their tough skin that feels like a cat's tongue. They are usually seen in pairs swimming slowly along Caribbean coral walls. Original sold.
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